Lughnasadh 2019

Lughnasadh, pronounced LOO-na-sa, marks the start of the harvest season in the Northern hemisphere Celtic/pagan calendar. It is a time to celebrate the harvest, gathering of crops or for most modern folks harvest our gifts and what brings us joy. Taking time to connect with the Earth and Her bounty.

Here is a short but interesting article on Lughnasagh and a unique version of the song John Barleycorn, which has long been associated with the season.

Blessings of Lughnasadh

Plant Trees, Trees, and More Trees by Carol P. Christ —

I dream that all of us who are suffering burn-out because of national and world politics come together to plant and nurture trees. Scientists say that planting ONE TRILLION TREES would neutralize two-thirds of carbon emissions and reverse climate change. Yes, we need to march, to organize, and to vote. But it is also important […]

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I shout Love

With so much hate and fear being spouted by politicians and religious zealots, it takes a conscious effort to engage and respond with kindness. I refuse to be drawn into the language and fear of oppression and xenophobia.  I choose a path of love and compassion for myself, as this is the only realm I can control. 
Foret de Broceliande

I shout love to the wind rushing by

whirling my hair

and whipping my face,

pulling the air from my lungs with

each gasping breath.


I shout love to the trees of the forest

ancient guardians

solid and silent,

witnesses to the folly of man

in a time of technology.


I shout love to myself

for being

surviving the ups and downs,

of a life well lived

in a society of lonely dreamers.


I shout love to the world

abandon your cruelty

and petty disputes,

pick up the pencil of peace

and write your story into existence.




DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 148 — Damh the Bard

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