Weather my Mood

The rain and grey skies of the past few days has certainly created a will to hibernate in the safety of my cave. I feel the changes of the seasons in my body. Despite it now seeming obvious, I had not previously acknowledged the effect that the changes in the weather has on my mood and energy level. Like so many people I make jokes about the rain and gloom making me sad but being truly conscious of the energy drain is quite different. How to be more mindful of my own energy?
Today I drew Garlic – Cneamh (Ramsons, native wild garlic)
Purification, Flavour, The Exotic
Ramsons is a reminder of the considerations I need to make with regard to subtle changes within myself particularly regarding purification and strengthening. In honouring the weather and my connection to it I will be working with my energy fluctuations. Nurturing and protecting myself when necessary will reduce the drain and raise my energy levels during gloomy days.   Remember to eat plenty of Garlic for protection, its not just an old wife’s tale for nothing!



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