Creating a place of Tranquility with Chamomile.


Today I  drew the Chamomile Druid Oracle Plant Card.   It was reversed.  So what – I deal with stress all the time in work -no big deal.  Wrong- the big deal that Chamomile teaches me,  is to remember I have place of tranquility that I can go to.  My Inner Grove. The spiritual fountain within me. Despite the pressures of work or the day to day challenges it is how I react and behave that is important.  I cannot change these challenges but I can choose to respond in a mindful way that frames my thinking and has an effect on others around me.

The use of Chamomile for medicinal purposes has been known for centuries, from simple teas to poultices for inflammation. This “herb of the sun”  brings renewal to my thinking.  In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I always have my place of tranquility to go to.  During meditation and rituals it can be easy but during work or going shopping for groceries – I can pause, close my eyes for a moment and take a deep breath  of the forest and the smell of Chamomile and other soothing plants, I am transported to the peace of the Grove. I open my eyes and I’m ready to tackle the difficult moments in the real world.

Despite the frigid weather here in Canada the sun is currently beating through my windows, bringing warmth and lifting my spirits. As I prepare for the new life and growth of spring  I weave a blessing to Chamomile for your many gifts of healing and inspiration.


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