Know your place!

Today I went on the monthly Druid walk with Chinook Hills Druid Group in Calgary. The location was at a Birth Place Forest and Botanical Community Garden. I can honestly say it is the most amazing garden project I have ever seen.

The site is a narrow buffer between the Silver Springs community and a busy road network. What had originally been large ugly noise reducing walls, have have been transformed into a space of wonder and beauty.

There are many statues, lots of winding pathways and even a large labyrinth. It is free to access. There is no evidence of vandalism or damage. Many volunteers have contributed a great deal of time, the love and care really shows.

August 23

The flowers that survived our recent hail storms are still providing a source of pollen for the bees who were in abundance.

I have lived in Calgary for ten years now and had visited a small part of this park before.  I am surprised at how little I knew about it or had heard from other people. Beauty can be found and created anywhere if only people are willing. This is a call to us all – get out of your home and into your community.  Go find the hidden gems in the place where you live.


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