What’s in a name Full Moon?

untitledThe full Moon in July is known by several different names: The Thunder Moon, as July is considered the most likely for Thunder storms – that is certainly true in Alberta this year! It is also known by farming communities as the Hay Moon as this represents the time when the hay is being gathered and baled for winter storage. Many groups call it the Buck Moon to represent the time when the young male deer known as bucks start growing their antlers. In some Chinese cultures is it known as the Hungry Ghost Moon. My personal favorite is the English medieval title of Mead Moon!

What all of these names signify to me, is the importance of the July Full Moon to ancient and ancestral cultures and the connection it had in their lives.
This evening, July 19th 2016, pause and look up at the moon. Consider what role it has for you and how you in return create space in your life to honour what it represents.


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