Oracle for September 2016 – Letting Go.

As we enter September it is time to let go of what no longer serves our higher selves and bodies. Make space and de-clutter. Remove belongings you no longer use or need and re-purpose to others and charities who will find greater use for these items. Sort out that closet/wardrobe space, it you haven’t worn something in over a year, clear it out! Go into your garden space and tidy up your flowers, veggies and plant boxes.  Deadhead, gather leaves and trim back where necessary.

End of Summer
After clearing your possessions it is time to clear your heart, mind and spirit of any negative residue gathered over the summer months. Make time  to consider all that no longer nourishes you.  In meditation or visualization thank these experiences, both positive and negative, for all that they have taught you – then bid them farewell.
Focus your energy on working and learning about new  guides, Goddess or Gods in preparation for the approaching new year at Samhain.


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